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The premium rate industry is highly regulated, plus the budget required to make an impression in the market place is significant. As such we only supply Premium Rate services to established concerns.
PhonepayPlus Compliant
X-on premium services are managed with integrity and comply with PhonepayPlus Regulations at all times. Our clean track record has ensured a large roster of satisfied successful clients.
ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System standards certification - ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized Security standards certification
X-on are members of CISAS, an independent dispute resolution service for communications providers and their customers

Premium Rate Content

Supply Content and Generate Revenue via Premium Rate

Astrology and Tarot Lines

Premium rate lines are commonly used for entertainment services with the revenue share being used to generate a profit for both the content provider and the business supplying the entertainment service. With appropriately targeted advertising new age interests such as Astrology and Tarot Readings can generate considerable incomes for the providers.

SMS and Phone Competitions

On-pack competitions and Phone-in competitions can be used to create product awareness, to involve customers in a company's products and services, and to additionally generate sufficient revenue to cover the cost of the promotion, or a profit, dependant on the premium rate tariffs used.

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Mobile Phone Content

The mobile phone entertainment market has taken advantage of premium rate billing to generate an income from downloadable content such as ringtones, logos, wallpapers, games, videos. Entertainment services such as prank calls have also found a place in the mobile content providers' offerings.

Technical Support Lines

Software and hardware providers can meet the cost of providing technical support by use of a phone line with a higher tariff than the national rate. The additional cost to the caller essentially charges them for using technical support. An 0871 number is largely seen as an acceptable levy for the service provided.

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Information and Fun Lines

Sports results, sports betting tips, gardening advice, health and medication information, TV soap updates and celebrity news are just a few of the applications using premium rate to create a profitable business.

Community Service and Business Information Lines

The X-on Voicebank service can be used to keep the public, customers and staff up to date with the latest developments. The ability to remotely leave messages for callers makes this an ideal service for Utilities and Business.

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Charity Fund Raising Lines

Premium rate provides an ideal mechanism for charities to generate additional income. By asking donors to call in to a premium rate line to enter a prize draw, or to make a donation, charities can enhance their usual fund raising activities.

TV Voting and Interactive Games

TV programs such as the Pop Idol and Dancing with the Stars series use SMS and phone voting to gauge the the opinion of the viewing audience as well as create extra source of income for the program producers.

TV Quiz programs also feature entry via revenue generating premium rate, for example via texting in a 'nearest correct bid' to secure a prize, or by calling in to answer a question.

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Adult Entertainment

The adult entertainment market extensively embraces premium rate billing methods to generate income. Phone-in sex chat lines, adult images and videos downloadable to a mobile phone and text chat have provided very successful business opportunities.

Text Chat

X-on provides the mechanism behind some of the UK's largest Text Chat services. Text chat allows subscribers to chat freely and with complete anonymity with subscription via premium SMS, premium rate voice and credit card.

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